Food Recovery & Redistribution

Connecting People With Resources

Everyday tons of nutritious, consumable food is thrown away, going directly to landfills, passing right by people who could directly benefit from this excess. 

Resource Center's Food Recovery Program seeks to reduce the amount of healthy, unsold food that is potentially wasted in Chicago by redirecting it to local food programs. 

With the cooperation of local grocery stores and restaurants, we collect food that they no longer wish to sell for various reasons - a recent expiration date, surplus stock, and more - and find ways to redistribute it into our local communities. 

We provide a direct link from restaurants, grocers, and markets to shelters and food pantries that can make sure good food gets put on plates in front of hungry people.  

With appropriate participation, our program has been able to provide tens of thousands of pounds of fresh food monthly to people in need.



Do you have a restaurant, catering business or grocery store that sends excess or ‘day-of’ food to landfill?
We will arrange scheduled pick-ups and insure that food arrives fresh to the recipients, the same day as pick-up. 

Do you work with people whose lives could be improved by access to fresh food?
We would love to expand our network for deliveries.

Do you want to help create this simple path to support the health of our fellow citizens?
Help us fund Food Rescue.